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Event Ideation & Management


Event Ideation & Management


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Socialite is a 360 integrated marketing services agency based in Qatar. We reach unique levels of Individualisation by understanding every client’s distinct problem and offering tailored solutions. We were boutique by birth and we take pride in remaining boutique by design – no matter how large we grow. Invested with passion, we take care of our clients’ business like our own, crafting data-driven solutions and innovative ideas to help their business grow.

Led by Experience.

Sharing a vision of excellence, we act as one. We think big. We give it all we’ve got. No blah-blah, no politics. We deliver with passion and measure our value through achievements.

Mohannad I. Bitar

Founder & Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur with a vision fueled by instinct and knowledge, with considerable experience in digital marketing, management, strategy, as well as PR  & Media; resting on a solid academic backbone from one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Mohannad continues to lead, inspire and open new heights, conducting business with ethic and panache. 

Mariam Saab

Managing Partner

A strategic professional with a killer eye for details. Mariam’s 12 year experience in Switzerland, GCC and Lebanon, in industries such as luxury, wellness, hospitality and more, sharpened her expertise in customer behaviour, PR and communication. Iron fist in a velvet glove, Mariam is successfully leading business    development,   marketing   management, and PR.


It’s always such an honour to be trusted by an organisation. Together we push boundaries, travel new lands, take risks, sometimes fall, but then adapt and thrive. Without them we couldn’t do what we love: search and test, create and solve, impress a change in society and be part of the course of time.

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